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Snapper CMS builds websites fast, with a huge range of ready-made business tools which plug straight in.

What is Snapper?

Snapper is the online Content Management System (CMS) that knows what you need from your website before you do.

Developed by Boxharry, Snapper CMS is a great online tool for maintaining and updating your website yourself and is easily integrated with Bond Adapt, Sage, Broadbean, Cluen and the like. We have plenty of web apps, online tools and services designed for you to use with your website to help build your business. Call us today to find out how to add new features to your website.

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Finding the name of your widget

If you see only the orange cog symbol Superwidget icon for Snapper CMS in your page content, this means the content of that page is wrapped up in a widget. To find out the name of the widget, click with your mouse to select it and click on the "Widget" icon Widget icon for Snapper CMS toolbar in your tool bar. The name of the widget will display in the resulting pop-up window.

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